Tate Circuits offers free tooling for UK PCB re-design.

The continual component shortage across the PCB industry is leading many of our customers to re-design bare PCB’s in order to be compatible with components that ARE available.

With the rising cost of materials and shipping across the PCB industry globally, we understand that customers do not want to pay new tooling costs if a design is up issued.

We would like to assure customers that should you need to re-design a bare PCB, Tate Circuits does not charge tooling on any PCB order. This means that you will not face any new set-up costs to up-issue a board design (or to transfer a board from another supplier to Tate for that matter!)

Please send any new designs to our experienced UK engineers and you will receive a very competitive price from our China PCB factory. We look forward to offering you free tooling for UK PCB re-design.

Please contact us here for any further information.


UK PCB Supplier – how we can offer free tooling for UK PCB re-design

Tate Circuits has exceptional technical experience in all aspects of bare printed circuit board production.

Our highly trained UK team are now responsible for all China PCB manufacture and will provide first class service on your enquiry from start to finish.

We have instant communication with our China PCB factory all day, every day with enquiries accurately and swiftly completed.

Our bare printed circuit board engineers in Shenzhen work to UK hours to ensure you receive your quotation and engineering queries promptly.


How we can achieve low cost China bare PCB prices

We have significant buying power with our China PCB factory which ensures your order will receive the very best attention and the lowest cost price. We always advise the most economical method to manufacture your boards which enables us to provide very competitive quotations.

Tooling is free of charge on all bare printed circuit board orders which means that it is free to transfer existing boards to Tate Circuits and take advantage of significant China PCB cost savings. All PCB orders are also delivered carriage free which allows us to offer very competitive UK PCB supply.


You can read more information on how to stay ahead of the global chip shortage here.