PCB manufacturer for over 50 years. Our renowned reputation in circuit board manufacturing is for excellent customer service.

PCB manufacturer Tate Circuits is renowned. For over 50 years, we have supplied printed circuit boards to customers throughout the world as their number one UK PCB manufacturer.

Since production moved to our cutting-edge factory in Shenzhen in 2009, we have focused on the manufacture of high-precision, low-cost printed circuit boards.

Our PCB circuit board quality management team implement advance planning and prevention, in-process monitoring, post-improvement, standardization and other comprehensive quality systems. We also have complete detection equipment to carry out whole process monitoring for process parameters and quality.

Our Shenzhen factory has passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Certification and we comply with the America UL standards, ROHS Standards and EU Lead-free Product Certification.

As a leading circuit board manufacturer in the UK, we would be delighted to provide a low-cost PCB manufacture quotation and demonstrate our renowned reputation for excellent service.

We look forward to becoming your number one printed circuit board manufacturer.

"I wish I had used Tate before. Everything you have done has been brilliant."

UK LED lighting manufacturer
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"Low prices and consistently excellent service. I highly recommend Tate as your PCB manufacturer."

UK fire alarm manufacturer
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Tate Circuits manufacture most bare printed circuit boards specifications and you can see our full PCB manufacturing capability list below. If you have any queries about your required PCB spec, please don’t hesitate to give our technical engineers a call. With 50 years experience as a PCB manufacturer, we have come across most types of boards! We are one of the leading PCB board manufacturing UK companies. Simply request a quotation by uploading your PCB gerber data using our online contact form here.

1 pcb manufacturer pcb type

pcb type

✓ Single Sided Conv

✓ Double Sided Conv

✓ Double Sided PTH

✓ Multilayer (max 20 layers)

✓ Flexible (max 2 layers)

✓ Flex Rigid (max 8 layers)

✓ RF Microwave (max 6 layers)

✓ Metal Backed (max 2 layers)

2 pcb manufacturer board size

maximum board sizes (mm)

✓ Single Sided Conv: 580 x 1200

✓ Double Sided Conv: 580 x 800

✓ Double Sided PTH: 550 x 800

✓ Multilayer: 550 x 680

✓ Flexible: 200 x 450

✓ Flex Rigid: 350 x 550

✓ RF Microwave: 250 x 450

✓ Metal Backed: 350 x 850

3 pcb manufacturer technology

Technology & Processes

✓ Blind vias

✓ Buried vias

✓ Epoxy filled vias

✓ Copper filled vias

✓ Controlled impedance

✓ Depth / drilling routing

✓ Flying lead bare board test

✓ Fixed jog bare board test

✓ Automatic optical inspection

✓ Scoring (manual / CNC)

4 pcb manufacturer surface finishes


✓ Lead Free HASL

✓ Immersion Gold (0.025 micron gold over a 2.5 micron nickel base)

✓ MSP Organic

✓ Immersion Silver

✓ Leaded HASL

✓ Immersion Tin

✓ Hard Gold (2.54 micron)

✓ Peelable Mask

5 pcb manufacturer tolerances


✓ Min gap track to track 0.13mm

✓ Min gap track to pad: 0.13mm

✓ Min gap pad to pad: 0.2mm

✓ Min gap track to plane: 0.15mm

✓ Min track to board edge: 0.25mm

✓ Min solder resist clearance: 0.05mm

✓ Min annual ring: 0.2/0.12mm

✓ Aspect Ratio: 8–1

✓ Min board thickness: 0.2mm

✓ Max board thickness: 4.0mm

✓ Min copper thickness: 0.5oz

✓ Max copper thickness: 5oz

6 pcb manufacturer silkscreen


✓ Silkscreen to soldermask distance: 0.15mm

✓ Minimum script thickness: 0.13mm

✓ Script height 0.8mm

7 pcb manufacturer carbon


✓ Min carbon to carbon spacing: 0.4mm

✓ Min carbon to copper overlap: 0.2mm

✓ Min carbon on soldermask overlap: 0.1mm

✓ Min carbon line width: 0.6mm

8 pcb manufacturer drill


✓ Min drill size: 0.2mm

✓ Drill tolerance (diameter): +/-0.076mm

✓ Drill tolerance (positional): +/-0.076mm

✓ Rout tolerance (diameter): +/-0.15mm

✓ Rout tolerance (positional): +/-0.1mm

✓ Score tolerance: +/-0.1mm

pcb manufacturer data


✓ Gerber 274D

✓ Gerber 274X

✓ ODB ++

✓ CAM350




✓ Barco DPF


For boards less than a square metre, these are the following estimated lead-times for PCB manufacture at our factory:


2 layer boards = 5 working days

4 layer boards = 6 working days

6 layer boards = 7 working days

8 layer boards = 9 working days

10 layer boards = 10 working days

12 layer boards = 10 working days


2 layer boards = 2 working days

4 layer boards = 3 working days

6 layer boards = 5 working days

8 layer boards = 6 working days

10 layer boards = 6-8 working days

12 layer boards = 6-8 working days

An additional 3 days is added to ship the boards to you by Fedex air freight.


Should you require PCB manufacturing urgently, we highly recommend customers to place orders on our express PCB production service.

Orders placed on this service will be prioritised by our Production Manager to ensure a rapid manufacture and inspection time by our highly skilled engineers. We will also source the fastest courier option to ship the bare boards to you and we will ensure to keep you updated at all times about estimated delivery dates.

Boards can be manufactured at our factory in China and shipped to you by Fedex in as little as 5-7 working days, door to door.

Simply ask for our express PCB board manufacturing service when you send your enquiry to us and our team will include a price for this option with our quotation. You can upload your gerber data here for an instant response.

Our UK PCB sales team look forward to receiving your enquiry. Please be assured that you will receive our best attention.

We look forward to being your number one printed circuit board manufacturer.



Lichfield, Staffordshire

Tate Circuits was established in 1974. We are leaders in the supply of PCB’s.

As soon as your enquiry is placed with us, you will receive the support and technical expertise of our experienced engineers. Our team has over 50 years’ experience as a PCB manufacturer and are always only a phone call away throughout your order. We offer an immediate response to all enquiries with quotations accurately and swiftly completed. As a leading circuit board manufacturer UK, we can help with all technical queries at the quotation stage.

Tate China FACTORY

Bao’an, Shenzhen

Our cutting-edge factory in Shenzhen opened in 2009. We supply low-cost, excellent quality PCB’s with excellent communication for all engineering queries. We support customer demand for low, medium and high-volume quantities.


All our boards are supplied to a Quality Management System that conforms to the standard ISO9001:2015 and UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.). We offer the complete solution to the 2006 RoHS compliance legislation. Copies of our quality certificates are available upon request and a certificate of conformity can be supplied with each order as your PCB circuit board manufacturer.

We are committed to continually investing in technologies to maintain our high quality standards. We would be pleased to welcome your QA personnel to inspect our quality by appointment to inspect our excellent PCB fabrication UK process.

We have been in the manufacturing PCB business for 50 years. Price is an important factor when choosing a circuit board manufacturer but it should not be the sole deciding factor. While it’s natural to look for cost-effective solutions, compromising on quality can lead to higher costs in the long run due to product failures or reworks.

Request quotes from multiple PCB manufacturing companies and compare them based on price as well as other factors like quality, turnaround time, and customer service. Remember that a slightly higher priced circuit board manufacturing quote might offer better value for money if they provide superior quality products and services.


How we work as your PCB manufactureR

We pride ourselves on a professional service with a friendly approach on all our PCB manufacture services.

As soon as your enquiry is placed with us, you will receive the support and technical expertise of our experienced PCB circuit board engineers. Our team has over 50 years’ experience as a PCB manufacturer and are always only a phone call away throughout your order. We offer an immediate response to all enquiries with quotations accurately and swiftly completed.

Our skilled sales team have immediate access to our technical and production departments to ensure that your detailed PCB manufacture requirements are correctly understood.

As a leading printed circuit board manufacturer, we offer secure PCB deliveries to ensure customers achieve their own important production lead times. All PCB printed circuit board orders are acknowledged on receipt providing scheduled delivery dates. Once boards are shipped, an email with a link to track your consignment with Fedex can be sent.


Compare our PCB manufacturing prices against your existing boards

Get in touch if you would like a no obligation quotation to compare our prices against your existing boards from other PCB manufacturing companies. We look forward to hearing from you.

bare board manufacture


As a printed circuit board manufacturer for over 40 years, and a China PCB manufacturer for over 15 years, we offer customers the benefit of cost savings on China PCB production together with exceptional UK PCB customer service and experience. Look no further for your circuit board production.

Tate has trained a team of highly experienced UK PCB manufacturers and technical bare PCB engineers. It is this same team that are now responsible for China bare PCB manufacture. Our printed circuit board service is second to none.

Together with technical strength in the company with our vast experience as a UK PCB manufacturer and our low cost China PCB prices, we are leaders in the supply of bare printed circuits boards.

Tate’s high quality PCB’s are supplied into a variety of sectors including automotive, aviation, lighting and sound equipment, education and medical. We pride ourselves on a professional service with a friendly approach where quality is of paramount importance, in accordance with our ISO9001 Quality Management system and UL Approval.

If you would like to find out about any of our bare printed circuit board services or to request a no obligation quotation on any of your bare PCB’s, please do contact us here. Our UK PCB sales team look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Choosing a PCB board manufacturer is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of your project. By understanding your requirements, evaluating manufacturer capabilities, researching their reputation, and comparing prices, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your project needs and budget constraints.

As your circuit board manufacturer UK, please be assured that you will receive our best attention.

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