New PCB business is common over the summer holiday period as buyers use the quieter months to look for a better PCB purchasing experience.

We are excited to welcome on board many new customers these last few weeks. It has been a pleasure to win your business with our low production prices. Rest assured that you will receive our exceptional customer service on every order going forwards.
“Now that’s what I call service! I can see why I was told to use you guys.”

We are also delighted to have received more orders from our existing customers as they have taken the decision to consolidate all PCB procurement to Tate Circuits. If you have boards currently manufactured elsewhere, we welcome the opportunity to see if our China factory can beat your existing prices.

“I’d rather get the boards from someone who’s consistently supplied us reliable PCBs in the past, than from another company that I’ve not dealt with before. Faulty PCBs can cause far bigger problems and expense than the cost of the original boards!”

If you would like to hear from more of our happy customers, please take a look here.

Fancy jumping on board to make Tate Circuits your number one PCB supplier? You can simply upload your gerber data here to receive an instant bare board price from our highly experienced, friendly sales team.

We look forward to hearing from you and working on your new PCB business.




As a UK printed circuit board manufacturer for over 40 years, and a China PCB manufacturer for over 15 years, we offer customers the benefit of cost savings on China PCB production together with exceptional UK PCB customer service and experience. Working directly with a single Shenzhen low cost PCB factory, we are able to supply bare UK PCB’s at highly competitive prices.

Tate has trained a team of highly experienced UK PCB manufacturers and technical bare PCB engineers. It is this same team that are now responsible for China bare PCB manufacture.

We are proud of our strong position as a long standing UK bare printed circuit board supplier in the UK PCB industry. We offer customers the benefit of cost savings on China PCB manufacture, but with no compromise on the level of service or technical expertise received.

Our UK PCB technical team are on hand throughout the manufacture of your low cost bare printed circuits boards and will assist with expert advice on any engineering queries. We ensure a smooth buying process on every order.

Together with technical strength in the company with our vast experience as a UK PCB manufacturer and our low cost China PCB prices, we are leaders in the supply of bare printed circuits boards.

Tate’s high quality PCB’s are supplied into a variety of sectors including automotive, aviation, lighting and sound equipment, education and medical. We pride ourselves on a professional service with a friendly approach where quality is of paramount importance, in accordance with our ISO9001 Quality Management system and UL Approval.

If you would like to find out about any of our bare printed circuit board services or to request a no obligation quotation on any of your bare PCB’s, please do contact us here. Our UK PCB sales team look forward to receiving your enquiry. Please be assured that you will receive our best attention.