We invite you to compare our low-cost prices on all your repeat bare printed circuit boards.

We have significant buying power with our offshore factory which ensures your order will receive the very best attention and the lowest cost price. We always advise the most economical method to manufacture your boards which enables us to provide very competitive quotations. Sample requirements and small production runs can also benefit from significant cost savings as there is no minimum order quantity for offshore production.

We do not charge tooling on any PCB order. It is therefore free to transfer your existing boards to Tate Circuits, with no set-up costs. All PCB orders are also delivered carriage free which allows us to offer very competitive offshore PCB supply.

Compare our very low-cost prices on your repeat PCB orders by contacting our friendly UK sales team here.


Here’s why you should choose Tate Circuits to manufacture your bare boards….

As soon as your enquiry is placed with us, you will receive the support and technical expertise of our experienced engineers. Our team has over 50 years’ experience in PCB manufacture and are always only a phone call away throughout your order.

We have instant communication with our offshore factory all day, every day with enquiries accurately and swiftly completed. Our engineers in China work to UK hours to ensure you receive your quotation and engineering queries promptly.

All PCB orders are delivered carriage free which allows us to offer very competitive offshore PCB supply.