Tate Circuits have been supplying printed circuit boards to customers since 1974, expanding our offering to worldwide customers in 2009 with the addition of our factory in Shenzhen.

We have advanced manufacturing equipment and a team of skilled engineers. We can provide circuit boards with up to 34 layers and manufacture consistently high-quality printed circuit boards within short lead times.

Our product portfolio encompasses boards of diverse complexities and materials such as rigid, flex, rigid-flex, aluminum, ceramic, heavy copper, RF/microwave, HDI, among others.

For the past 15 years, Tate Circuits has created strong partnerships with customers across diverse industries of varying sizes. Our client base spans automotive, consumer electronics, marine, industrial equipment, test and measurement, LED, medical and more.

Tate Circuits places great importance on providing customers with excellent service. This includes prompt quotation responses, flexible lead times, technical assistance and utilizing innovative technologies.


Why choose Tate Circuits as your PCB manufacturer


Professional team

Tate Circuits boasts a team of experts comprised of seasoned professionals and industry elites. Most of our engineering and technical staff have over 20 years of valuable experience in PCB manufacturing. This expertise enables us to provide timely and professional PCB solutions for our clients.


Certified quality standards

Our PCBs meet the rigorous IPC Class 2 quality standards. We are fully certified under the ISO9001-2008 quality management system.


High delivery rate on time

For many years, we have maintained a 99% on-time delivery rate – something that we are truly proud of. We understand that beyond PCB quality, one of the most crucial factors is the shortest possible delivery time – especially critical for engineers during the prototype design phase. We operate in three shifts to ensure that your PCB’s arrive at your desk as promptly as promised.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry and becoming your first class electronics manufacturer. Get an instant low-cost PCB quotation here.