PCB purchasing managers – there are 2 reasons why scheduling your first quarter PCB requirements now will reduce your purchasing costs:


1. Ordering boards now will avoid last minute express prices in January. There will be a cut-off for last shipments from Fedex in January, with most orders only available on our express service. PCB’s ordered this week will receive a low-cost standard delivery price from our Shenzhen factory.

2. Freight charges will grow as shipping space becomes limited near Christmas and the Chinese New Year holiday. Place your orders as soon as possible to secure current low-cost shipping rates.


Ordering boards now will guarantee that your January, February and March PCB requirements will be delivered BEFORE the shutdown and ensure seamless, un-interrupted PCB supply for the first few months of 2024.

Take advantage of PCB cost-savings by sending a scheduled order as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from many PCB purchasing managers over the next week. You can contact us here.



This is why many PCB purchasing managers choose Tate Circuits as their number one PCB manufacturer:

“We have all our boards made by Tate. We know we can rely on you for the best prices and great service every time.”


“I want to thank you for everything you have done for us over the years in terms of solving issues and keeping the supply here running.”


“You star. Thank you, we were not expecting the delivery until the end of next week, this has brought all our planning forward.”


“The first batch have been assembled and the quality seems to be very good. Many thanks for an efficient service.


“Thanks again for the quick turn around on the water sensor boards, they worked brilliantly.”


“The growth of both companies has been exceptional. I think the account has grown fantastically through the hard work of both parties.”


“Low prices and consistently excellent service. I highly recommend Tate as your PCB supplier.”


“Tate Circuits has supplied our PCB’s for many years. Every enquiry is handled efficiently and very quickly. The team are always friendly and most helpful.”


“We use them for all our PCB’s and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who requires boards, whether it be for a small or large requirement.”


“I wish I had used Tate before. Everything you have done has been brilliant.


“I’m assembling them now and the boards are absolutely fantastic. They work brilliantly.