PCB Manufacturing Capability

PCB manufacturing capability for our Shenzhen factory is detailed below.

Tate Circuits manufacture most bare printed circuit boards specifications and you can see our full PCB manufacturing capability list below. If you have any queries about your required PCB spec, please don’t hesitate to give our technical engineers a call. We have over 50 years experience in PCB manufacture and have come across most types of boards! Send us a quotation using our online contact form here.


pcb type

✓ Single Sided Conv

✓ Double Sided Conv

✓ Double Sided PTH

✓ Multilayer (max 20 layers)

✓ Flexible (max 2 layers)

✓ Flex Rigid (max 8 layers)

✓ RF Microwave (max 6 layers)

✓ Metal Backed (max 2 layers)


maximum board sizes (mm)

✓ Single Sided Conv: 580 x 1200

✓ Double Sided Conv: 580 x 800

✓ Double Sided PTH: 550 x 800

✓ Multilayer: 550 x 680

✓ Flexible: 200 x 450

✓ Flex Rigid: 350 x 550

✓ RF Microwave: 250 x 450

✓ Metal Backed: 350 x 850


Technology & Processes

✓ Blind vias

✓ Buried vias

✓ Epoxy filled vias

✓ Copper filled vias

✓ Controlled impedance

✓ Depth / drilling routing

✓ Flying lead bare board test

✓ Fixed jog bare board test

✓ Automatic optical inspection

✓ Scoring (manual / CNC)


Surface Finishes

✓ Lead Free HASL

✓ Immersion Gold (0.025 micron gold over a 2.5 micron nickel base)

✓ MSP Organic

✓ Immersion Silver

✓ Leaded HASL

✓ Immersion Tin

✓ Hard Gold (2.54 micron)

✓ Peelable Mask



✓ Min gap track to track 0.13mm

✓ Min gap track to pad: 0.13mm

✓ Min gap pad to pad: 0.2mm

✓ Min gap track to plane: 0.15mm

✓ Min track to board edge: 0.25mm

✓ Min solder resist clearance: 0.05mm

✓ Min annual ring: 0.2/0.12mm

✓ Aspect Ratio: 8–1

✓ Min board thickness: 0.2mm

✓ Max board thickness: 4.0mm

✓ Min copper thickness: 0.5oz

✓ Max copper thickness: 5oz



✓ Silkscreen to soldermask distance: 0.15mm

✓ Minimum script thickness: 0.13mm

✓ Script height 0.8mm



✓ Min carbon to carbon spacing: 0.4mm

✓ Min carbon to copper overlap: 0.2mm

✓ Min carbon on soldermask overlap: 0.1mm

✓ Min carbon line width: 0.6mm


drill & profile

✓ Min drill size: 0.2mm

✓ Drill tolerance (diameter): +/-0.076mm

✓ Drill tolerance (positional): +/-0.076mm

✓ Rout tolerance (diameter): +/-0.15mm

✓ Rout tolerance (positional): +/-0.1mm

✓ Score tolerance: +/-0.1mm


data formats

✓ Gerber 274D

✓ Gerber 274X

✓ ODB ++

✓ CAM350




✓ Barco DPF

All our boards are supplied to a Quality Management System that conforms to the standard ISO9001:2015 and UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.). We offer the complete solution to the 2006 RoHS compliance legislation. Copies of our quality certificates are available upon request and a certificate of conformity can be supplied with each order.

We are committed to continually investing in technologies to maintain our high quality standards. We would be pleased to welcome your QA personnel to inspect our quality by appointment.

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