Number one UK PCB supplier Tate Circuits are proud to be chosen to supply the bare board requirements of PCB buyers around the world. Here are the reasons why:


Expert technical communication from our UK team

Tate Circuits has the edge in the PCB industry with our 50 years of experience in bare board manufacture. Every order is managed by our exceptional engineers. You can rest assured that all technical aspects of manufacture will be expertly communicated with you.

Low-cost freight from China on every order

Low-cost freight from China to the UK is an increasingly important factor for PCB buyers. Tate Circuits have recently secured excellent deals with new shipping agents to ensure your order is shipped from our Shenzhen factory at the lowest cost.

All import duty paperwork is taken care of for you

Our team look after all HMRC import duty and VAT on every shipment through China customs,. This saves you the administration of dealing with this paperwork.

So why do PCB buyers choose Tate Circuits as their number one PCB supplier? For the exceptional service and communication of our UK engineers. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers say about Tate Circuits:


Testimonials from customers explaining why we are their number one UK PCB supplier:

“We have all our boards made by TATE. We know we can reply on you for the best prices and great service every time.”
– Midlands PCB assembly company

“Tate Circuits has supplied our PCB’s for many years. Every enquiry is handled efficiently and very quickly. The team are always friendly and most helpful.”
– North-west aerospace company

“We use them for all our aluminium PCB’s and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the company to anyone who requires boards, whether it be for a small or large requirement.”
– North-west LED manufacturer


You can read more testimonials here.