As UK business is kicking back into action, we want to make sure PCB’s are delivered as fast as possible. We are delighted to confirm that all customer orders are cleared from Customs and new measures have been implemented in our offshore factory to ensure you can purchase offshore bare boards as efficiently as possible.
  • Our offshore factory has been working hard to ensure we are back to full capacity following lockdown restrictions in China. We have secured extra production space in our factory for Tate orders which means that all our orders now are put into manufacture straight away and lead times are quoted as normal.
  • You may also notice different courier companies delivering your boards (in addition to our normal courier partner Fedex). China has experienced capacity and customs delays during the pandemic, therefore our offshore Logistics Manager has set-up secure accounts with extra companies to ensure we can send as many boards through Customs as possible.

We understand price and delivery are more important than ever in the current climate. At Tate Circuits, we promise low cost prices on your bare boards, along with exceptional customer service tracking your order every step of the way.We look forward to receiving your order. Capacity is now back to normal in our factory so be assured that your boards will begin manufacture immediately. Contact us for a quotation or compare your existing board prices.