Low cost PCB freight from China to the UK is a very important factor for PCB buyers.

Over recent years, every industry has seen global shipping costs increase – particularly on medium to large volume orders. In response, Tate Circuits have secured excellent deals with new shipping agents after continuous development and negotiation throughout the first quarter of 2023.

Here are the results….


Small to medium volume PCB orders


Tate Circuits work exclusively with Fedex to deliver our small to medium volume orders by air freight. Due to the volume of PCB’s sent daily from our Shenzhen factory, we have secured very low costs with the Fedex Logistics team in China. Production and shipping lead-times can be as fast as 5-7 working days, from order date to delivery at your door.


Medium to large volume PCB orders


For medium to large volume bare board orders from around 60kgs, we have expanded our cooperation with an Air Cargo service in Shenzhen. This service reduces shipping costs and is an excellent option if lead-times are not urgent. Our Air Cargo service adds around 10-15 working days to lead-times.


Large volume PCB orders


Sea freight is the most cost effective shipping option on large, heavy shipments of bare printed circuit boards. The starting weight is normally around 60kgs. Anything less than this is still cost effective on our dedicated air freight service. Shipping by sea adds around 50-55 working days to lead times.



We look forward to offering you our low cost PCB freight options.

If you currently have medium to large volume bare board orders made elsewhere, send your enquiry to Tate Circuits to compare our newly negotiated Air Cargo and sea freight shipping options. You can simply upload your gerber data here to receive an instant bare board price. Alternatively, you can contact us here to learn more.