pcb manufacturer in the uk

Tate Circuits are proud to have been manufacturing printed circuit boards for 50 years.

Customers trust us to provide an honest, professional PCB manufacturing service by offering fair bare board prices and high-quality manufacturing. Our USP is most definitely our renowned customer service which has allowed us to craft long-term partnerships with some of the most innovative electronics manufacturers in the world.

In 2009, we moved all production to our cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Shenzhen. Having manufactured PCB’s ourselves for 40 years, we have impeccable standards to ensure that customers receive the same, if not better, quality now that we have a global reach.

We continually invest in the latest technology and processes at our factory to ensure we stay ahead of the industry to offer the best printed circuit board service to customers.

There has never been a better time to make Tate Circuits your number one PCB supplier. We have just re-negotiated a long-term contract for raw materials in China making our manufacturing costs extremely competitive as we enter the second half of 2024. We have also recently signed an exclusive contract with Fedex to lower the costs of shipping boards from our factory to your door.

Try Tate Circuits for a PCB quotation today here. You will love our service.