We are all aware of the current China component shortage in our industry caused by a combination of lingering Covid-related manufacturing disruptions in East Asia, limited availability of critical semiconductor materials, and growing demand for electronic devices.

Many of our customers have scheduled their bare printed circuit board orders ahead of time to fall in line with the delivery of delayed components.

Place your bare PCB orders now and our team will schedule delivery for at an agreed time later in the year when components are more readily available.

Contact our UK sales team here with your scheduled order request or to discuss the China component shortage in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you.


Bare board orders from Tate Circuits

Tate Circuits manufacture most bare printed circuit boards specifications and you can see our full PCB manufacturing capability list here. If you have any queries about your required PCB spec, please don’t hesitate to give our technical engineers a call. We have over 50 years experience in PCB manufacture and have come across most types of boards! Send us a quotation using our online contact form here.

All our boards are supplied to a Quality Management System that conforms to the standard ISO9001:2015 and UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.). We offer the complete solution to the 2006 RoHS compliance legislation. Copies of our quality certificates are available upon request and a certificate of conformity can be supplied with each order.

We are committed to continually investing in technologies to maintain our high quality standards. We would be pleased to welcome your QA personnel to inspect our quality by appointment.

Our offshore factory specialises in the manufacture of up 6 layer bare printed circuit boards. We are known for being very competitive on 4 layer boards. We also offer exceptional prices for Lead Free HASL and Immersion Gold finishes. Ask a member of our team about our technical capabilities today.