China PCB production slots: you now have weeks to place your PCB orders for guaranteed delivery ahead of the Chinese New Year shutdown.

Chinese New Year 2023 falls slightly earlier than normal, which means the cut-off point for production will be shortly after the UK Christmas holidays. We highly recommend placing your order in the next 3 weeks to guarantee your China PCB production slots in our offshore factory. We are accepting scheduled orders now for delivery throughout January, February and March next year.

Production will continue at our offshore factory throughout the UK Christmas holidays to ensure delivery of your boards BEFORE THE SHUTDOWN.

Our friendly UK sales team will be delighted to schedule your PCB orders over the next few weeks. Contact us to book your production slot asap. You can also simply upload your gerber data here to receive an instant bare board price.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry – contact us here with any questions.

How it works once you book your China PCB production slots

We pride ourselves on a professional service with a friendly approach on all our PCB services.

Our UK based technical team are on hand throughout the manufacture of your PCB’s and will assist with expert advice on any engineering queries. We ensure a smooth buying process on every order.

Our team has over 50 years’ experience in PCB manufacture and are always only a phone call away throughout your order. We offer an immediate response to all enquiries with quotations accurately and swiftly completed.

Our skilled sales team have immediate access to our technical and production departments to ensure that your detailed requirements are correctly understood.

We offer secure PCB deliveries to ensure customers achieve their own important production lead times. All orders are acknowledged on receipt providing scheduled delivery dates. Once boards are shipped, an email with a link to track your consignment can be sent from UPS and Fedex.