With low cost unit prices, Tate Circuits offers a very competitive price on every quotation. Tate sources volumes of PCB’s offshore every year – this gives us significant buying power to achieve the lowest prices.

Cost Savings at Tate

Tooling is free of charge on every order. It is therefore free to transfer existing boards to Tate Asia and take advantage of our PCB cost savings.

We have instant communication with our offshore factory all day, every day with enquiries accurately and swiftly completed. Our engineers in China work to UK hours to ensure you receive your quotation and engineering queries promptly.

Tate is a team of highly experienced technical engineers who are skilled in all aspects of PCB manufacture over 40 years. This same team are responsible for all boards manufactured in China and can ensure that boards will be supplied to your exact existing requirements.

Compare your existing board prices with Tate today.

The only difference you’ll see is the price!