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PCB Manufacture

Close-up of a green circuit board

We are proud of our highly trained staff who have vast technical knowledge in all aspects of PCB manufacture. Our skilled team provides the solid background to support Tate’s renowned reputation for supplying quality printed circuit boards.

TATE Circuits offers customers the benefit of cost savings on offshore PCB production together with exceptional customer service. Working directly with low-cost manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China, we are able to supply boards at highly competitive prices.

All PCB’s are supplied in accordance with our ISO9001 Quality Management System and UL Approval.

Our Asian partners continually work together with our in-house engineers to create a seamless supply chain for our customers.

PCB Prototypes at offshore prices

We supply quality prototypes / small production runs and guarantee fast delivery, competitive prices and excellent customer service.

There is no minimum order quantity for offshore manufacture and tooling is free of charge on all orders.

We welcome the opportunity to quote on any sample requirements – you will receive our immediate response.